Walking in the Netherlands


History of walking in the Netherlands

Walking is as old as man is but in the 19th century there was only a network of church paths which churchgoers from the countryside to the towns ran to visit the service. In 1983 the first long-distance trail was opened in the Netherlands, the Pieterpad, from Pieterburen in the north to the Sint-Pietersberg in the south. It was opened by Bertje Jens and Toos Goorhuis, the mother of the modern walking in Netherlands. This was an incentive for walking in the Netherlands, walking became very popular and dozens of trails were opened below. Currently, there are long-distance trails, village paths and walking networks throughout the country so you can walk to your heart's content anywhere in our country.

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Public transport in Netherlands (OV)

The OV-chipcard is the ticket for public transport (OV) in the Netherlands. The OV-chip card is valid for train, bus, tram or subway. You do not need a separate ticket purchase more if you switch on your train journey on bus or tram. At the beginning of your journey you keep the smart card against the screen of a gate or a card reader, which can be identified by the logo of the smart card. If there are sufficient funds or a valid travel product on your card, the gate opens or card reader provides an access signal and a solid green light. At the end of the trip you keep your chip card again at a gate or a card reader to check out. The display is what took the trip and how much balance you have remaining on the card. You must recharge the OV-chipcard with a balance in euros. You can buy the public transport chip card charging at a vending machine or public transport information point.

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Where to walk

Especially for foreign tourists, there are four English language selected walks that are well served by public transport (OV). During these walks you will meet the Netherlands in all its facets and you pass canals, windmills, modern architecture and beautiful nature. While hiking you experience Netherlands and takes you to places you otherwise would never come. The four walks are listed in the right hand column.

Plan your own walk

You can create your own route on the network of long-distance trails in the Netherlands. You can see on this site, but no less than 10,476 kilometers walking. Also local trails, hiking trails from railwaystation to railwaystation (NS-routes) and farmland are included. And if you prefer to compose a tour, it can also use the route planner. When you create an account and log in, you can even print and download routes.

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Special: Tidal flat walking in the Waddensea

The Wadden Sea is a World Heritage and is located between the islands and the northern Netherlands and has a great ecological value. With each tidal currents water, sludge and sand back and forth. Nature determines the rhythm in this unique Dutch landscape with thousands of migratory birds and seals. Hiking in this area is a unique experience. For example, you can walk from the mainland to the islands Ameland or Schiermonnikoog, but you can also join a tour to different sandflats.

Tidal flat walking

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